Algorithmic trading

TIGER’s dedication of experience in support of the HFT community is exemplified with the recent introduction of a high performance product being a Pre-trade Risk Governance Coprocessor.

Respecting HFT firms , utilizing algorithmic trading solutions as an indispensable tool of almost any type of client's work flow, whether a hedge fund client, a passive index provider, a quantitative manager, or an algo-trader actively using algorithmic trading systems.

Algo trading clients benefit from utilizing the solutions such as:

  • Algorithmic trading platforms
  • Algorithm validation for quantitative trading needs
  • Trading Applications (Desktop, iPhone, iPad)
  • HFT DMA trading platforms
  • Low Latency (Messaging, Architecture, Matching Engine, System Design)
  • Building automated trading strategies (statistical arbitrage, neural networking, HFT systems, Multi-asset trading systems)

TIGER offers automated trading engine (ATE), which is a customizable robust solution for algorithmic trading supporting all major asset classes. It is empowered by simultaneous multiple strategy and high performance metrics. ATE can be supported by modern devices (iOS/Android) making your trading in the loop and comfortable.

Solution can be connected to any market via FIX protocol or API.
Technology: Java, C#, C++
Scalable algorithmic trading solution.