Trading Platforms

TIGER’s expertise is defined by the depth and breadth of our business, technology and vendor services and product knowledge in building solid trading platforms. TIGER’s effectiveness to empower client projects is reflected in our organizational agility bolstered by our business and technical creativity in developing trading software. TIGER’s geographically distributed, with a financial software delivery coming out of Europe and the United States, but the options of the delivery can be expanded, based upon client needs in trading platform software specifics.

TIGER’s professional services excellence empowers financial services clients, such as HFT organizations, who have a particular trading program requirement for vendors that provide high touch in-depth business and technical services. Respecting HFT firms, program trading is an indispensable tool of almost any type of client's work flow, whether a hedge fund client, a passive index provider, a quantitative manager, or an algo-trader.

TIGER’s dedication of experience in support of the HFT community is exemplified with the recent introduction of a high performance product being a Pre-trade Risk Governance Coprocessor.
TIGER’s financial service hybrid and savvy expertise also extends cross-asset classes in addition to all relevant participants operating within the financial markets.


  • Algorithm validation for quant trading needs
  • Trading Applications (Desktop, iPhone, iPad)
  • Risk management systems
  • Smart Order routing
  • Data mining module
  • Development bond trading system
  • EMS systems (JAVA)
  • Front-End System Development (Trading GUI, Proprietary API Development)


  • Low Latency (Messaging, Architecture, Matching Engine, System Design)
  • Building automated trading strategies (statistical arbitrage, neural networking, HFT systems, Multi-asset trading systems)
  • Direct Market Access engines
  • Development of Linux distribution for mission critical systems
  • HFT DMA trading platforms


  • Broker Dealer Platform
  • Black – Scholes pricing engine for FX derivatives
  • Clearing and Settlement systems
  • Commodity derivative/FX exchange development
  • Development of Oracle BPEL-based business project management framework with JSF-based GUI
  • Distributed System (Data Warehouse, Market Data, System Administration)
  • Equity Markets (cash markets)
  • LBM/UME messaging systems
  • Ergonomic dashboard-style interfaces, both for the configuration and modification of risk controls, and for the real-time monitoring of trading patterns and alerts
  • FIX/FAST/Binary protocols Gateway Design
  • Futures exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) markets matching engines
  • Infrastructure design (System Design, Network Design, Capacity Planning)
  • Market data systems / Market Data Feeds / Feed Handlers / Direct Feeds / Reuters RMDS
  • In-Memory / Tick / Event / Stream processing databases / Time series
  • Order Matching Engines
  • Order matching systems (ECN, ATS,MTF)
  • Pricing engines: Stocks, FX derivatives, Spot markets Real-time monitoring and control of risk across multiple and heterogeneous trading platforms
  • Trade capture and allocation
  • Trade order management systems (including FIX)
  • Trade Reporting system development

TIGER TP has broadened the gates of trading platforms expertise and offers our clients more services developing trading software:

  • development of multi-tier ERP platforms
  • development of Oracle BPEL-based business project management framework with JSF-based GUI
  • development of Linux distribution for mission critical systems
  • Data mining

TIGER guarantees high speed and quality of trading software being deployed as we benefit from our tested trading platform components.

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