Trade Monitor

TIGER’S Trade Monitor is the most innovative network-based customer support and data analysis trading tool for your firm available at a fraction of the cost of in-house solutions. Trade Monitor records your application’s performance by monitoring the FIX protocol traffic and response time. Trading monitor provides instant recall of FIX protocol transactions, measures microsecond-level latency on all requests. Real-time status and latency data including archived messages are available to the clients via remote sites

  • Trade Monitor
  • Trade Monitor
  • Trade Monitor


The benefits of TIGER’s Trade Monitor

  • Monitors how well the entire system is performing
  • Provides instant recall of FIX protocol transactions which enables troubleshooting
  • Improves returns by measuring multi-second latency on requests
  • Supports FIX
  • Monitors risk parameters
  • Monitors network level issue tracking
  • Web-based
  • Can be used by customers remotely (reduces support costs)
  • Risk management capabilities