Push server middleware

TIGER’s pushing technology offers push server for low latency data messaging over the web. TIGER Push server gathers huge data from different data sources. The dataset will be organized into several data images by applying different Data filter model, such as merge, distinct. The data image will reduce the data size using the data filter. Each client has respective data collection according to respective match action/criteria.

Push server


  • Highly scalable and high-capacity product design
  • Support host cluster/data synchronization between different hosts
  • Standard compliant with the specifications of the comet solution, such as Bayeux
  • Support load balancing, congestion control
  • Support stream push mode
  • Shall support smart polling mode
  • Support stream-sense, which is able to switch automatically smart polling mode when the stream is blocked
  • Supply socket connection service based on NIO
  • Provide QoS downgrade and upgrade
  • Provide tcp/ip connection service
  • Provide http service
  • Provide the bandwidth control, the different max bandwidth can be allocated for respective user
  • Provide the frequency control, the different max update frequency collocated for respective user
  • Provide adapter interfaces for authentication and capturing data from the different data sources
  • Support subscribe/unsubscribe mechanism
  • Support publish mechanism
  • Provide data filter mechanisms