Exchange Trading Systems

TIGER’s sell side multi-asset class exchange trading system offers high-performance, low-latency access to global markets.

Benefit from a desktop, web, and/or mobile version of the platform.

TIGER MM main features insights:

  • Matching engine
  • Pricing engine
  • Clearing system
  • Messaging system and routers
  • Market making
  • Intraday risk
  • Compliance real time
  • P&L reporting

Customize your screens, request charting tools and technical analysis, trade any asset class with a broker agnostic trading platform. Our solution has the flexibility to support single asset class, i.e. stock trading system/forex trading system, and to extend asset classes support, i.e. multiple asset class trading system with an ability to connect to any data source – market data, order routing, clearing and reporting systems via FIX and binary protocols of connection.


  • Java
  • Low latency messaging
  • Pricing engine
  • Matching engine
  • Routing technology
  • Grid computing

What is the platform capacity ? Speed?

100,000 orders per second (TPS) and 30 micro second end-to-end latency in a single threaded single matching engine.

Why TIGER MM? Our financial trading system is an open, fully customizable platform based on clients’ business needs. Exchange trading system is easily integrated into any trading environment. The platform is designed for you and not for everyone. We make it for you to own it.

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